Galaxies Essence Ray Bradbury wk 11 52ss 52wks

The brightest colors of two masses of varying tangerine mix in with frosty cerulean, as if someone set it on fire and cooled it in time inside a pair of giant galaxies? Swirling waves like a sea above my head in the evening skies. The large shape of a keyhole appears in front of it with two images of small beings inside it. One being. Captivated by the beauty of monarch butterflies upon their delicate hands as magenta curls sways in the surrounding space. As if they’re in a state of meditation. While a different entity materialized, staring off into the spaces beyond as if it froze in time’s eye. Their hair flows freely through various vivid rainbows. The center swath of hair near their shoulder. An image of a tall individual standing there. Looking from another place or even time. I’ve never witnessed such beauty in the evening sky, as I have ventured out many nights before. Lightning of every color cascaded through the water. Around the vast turquoise trees reminiscent of ancient sequoias. Crystal water murmurs seeping through paper thin bark and a scent of nectar or honey. A golden quartz sphere shimmers in the distance. 

It appears to have something within it so radiant. I cannot even imagine what it truly is. Until it’s motioning in my direction, hovering overhead a moment, slowly slithering down as if it’s at the end of a vast spider’s web. 

As I gazed inside, something’s changing shape after shape from a caterpillar to a fairy. As a spectacular flash of white, it suddenly sends me out of my reverie. I’m left in awe at what I’ve witnessed as the mountains return to view, blanketing the stars. 

As the lingering feeling remains… What was this? A dream, trance. I may never know.

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