Still shocked by how much.

You maybe noticing the sudden burst of stories on this blog website. That’s because I managed to get them wrote in a short amount of time. Thank you, twitch stream. LOL, I have been joining a new twitch streamer writer friend for writing sprints and let me tell you I have gotten so much done in two days. Let alone since the end of January that I’m now where I’m supposed to be and a few days early from the day I usually post.

I can say for certain by brain is fried officially after the writing bonanza I’ve had. But I am so happy to have caught up to week 1o. I am very determined to keep going and not fall off the map at week 15 like last year.
I can’t say for certain that I will have time like this to post every week a lot. But for now, we’re going with it. I am having such a good time with this. I hope you’ll all continue on this writing journey of the year with the Bradbury Challenge. Welcome all my newest readers I hope you are enjoying my stories.

My next story I’m going to do right away as it will take a bit since I feel like it’s going to be longer one than I’ve done. So that maybe week 11-12’s post depending on how well it goes. If it doesn’t you may get another short one.

I’ll check to see how much I’ve wrote in the past couple days and will edit this post with the total.

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