Ray Bradbury 52SS 52wks Wk 10 Cottage of Hillary Trilloway

This is going up before Saturday as I have it done already. LOL So This weeks now up. Enjoy

I rented the cottage, thinking we’d have the perfect place to have a nice to relax and pamper ourselves on the weekend in the country. Away from the city lights and hubbub. We didn’t realize what we’re in for. Until everyone, me included, arrived at the old wood cherry door of the place. A beautiful dark teal ribbon neatly wraps the envelope to the wrought-iron rose knocker. 

  Hello to anyone who receives this well.  

Welcome to the Cottage of Hillary Trilloway. I’m your invisible host, Mr. Willison. For this weekend, I will be your benefactor. I’ll personally, Well, I shouldn’t really have said I’d personally. I will provide someone to arrive at the end of the weekend with a check for 100,000 dollars. Should you stay the night or even the entire weekend without incident? You’ll receive this check. 

However, the caveat is, It must be according to the letter. It is your choice. Choose wisely. 

                                       Sincerely, your invisible host

                                                    Mr. Willison

P.S. Oh and by the way. People report things happening in that place! 

I brush it off as some weird joke and stuff it into my bag. I reach for the knob key in hand to open it, realizing it’s already unlocked. A strange feeling washes over me as the others head inside around while kind of pushing me away from the doorway. Standing there a minute, I can hear everyone chatter and giggle as they each claim a bedroom in a two-bedroom cottage. Six women, four bunk beds and a rollout bed make everyone feel like we’re at summer camp. As I entered the house, I heard a man’s voice distantly say welcome to Hillary Trilloway cottage. When I asked if anyone else heard it, they just shook their heads, shrugging. I went to one of the two bedrooms to unpack some of my things to hang in the walk-in closet. Just as I reached for the door handle, I heard that voice again. Only this time, it comes with the sounds of something shattering close by. Everyone heard that as they’re running to me. We frantically searched for the source. But nothing’s there out of place, no broken glass, nothing else strung across the floor. Nothing! How can this be? A blood-curdling scream shoots through the house like a missile, scaring us half to death as lights begin turning on and off. All our faces are white as sheets on the beds as sweat breaks out on everyone and our blood runs cold. Our bodies violently shaking as most of us have now burst into tears. 

As quickly as it appears abruptly stops, almost as if it’d never happened. By the time night time comes on both Friday and Saturday night, we’re all huddled together in the living room. When one of us notices a darkened shadow gliding against the pale coral hallway walls. An invisible hand reaches up from behind a chair someone’s sitting in and touches the back of their wine bottle pajama bottoms. She bolts up like lightning frantically, trying to shove away whatever it was and when the time for sleep came, all bets were off. We all started wondering if the money was really worth staying in this place for? That thought or feeling felt worse as the weekend progressed on the last day. That’s when the proverbial coral paint really hits the fan. Strange scents permeated every room now. One room’s smell of a candle burning, another of burning wood. While the kitchen, dining room and living room area all smell of a decaying musty with a side of wet grassy soil. We all kept on thinking we only have a couple hours left before we can ditch this insane, amusement park house whatever you want to call it. But let me tell you, we strongly considered the latter of just getting out of there regardless of that crazy note. Five o’clock came around and we’d made it through the entire weekend somehow and it’s one that we’ll never forget. I still can’t believe what we’ve all witnessed! 

There wasn’t a benefactor, after all, which did make me think they’re just a con never got the money we’re promised from him. What we found from the neighbor didn’t make me feel any better, either. 

Dead or alive, we didn’t receive what they’d promised us on the deal.  

What everyone did get a weekend that we’ll never forget. I’m still trying to figure it all out since that place hasn’t seen a benefactor, let alone any humans, in as many years. For an abandoned place sure looks like it’s still well kept. Alas, I guess none of us will ever really know…will we? I do know this, I won’t ever find a place for the weekend through adverts. You’ll never know what you’re getting yourself into. 

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