UTube Talker Ray Bradbury Wk9 52ss 52wks

This was for March 4th. I’m now caught up to where I need to be now. (minor corrective edit made)

Ever have that certain feeling you’re being watched? You’d probably say yes, but have you ever experienced something so frightening, so insane, you’d think you’re going crazy? That is and was me recently. An insomniac episode visited me late one night. Only that’s not what really is keeping me awake during that evening. The room’s all darkened except for my laptop’s glaring screen light and the rustling of my cat Trixie’s paws and noisy toys as she’s streaking about the room as she throws one toy after another around.  

While off in the distance, the drip from a faucet taps loudly in the silence. I get up quickly and shut the door to keep from hearing it anymore. My cat’s no longer happy with me, having now shut her out as well. She was singing the calls of her people as I sat back down. Another voice comes out of nowhere in an empty room except for me. After looking around, I brush it off as just the sleepiness affecting my brain. I go on about my business, resuming a video I’d been watching and, to my chagrin, even with the blocker active, somehow I still get ads playing one after another. When it does it again!  

Only this time. They’re staring straight into my eyes as if they can see me through this screen. But how? I thought. 

I turn on the television. I’ve forgotten that it’s connected to the laptop since the last time I used it. To my dismay, the ads are now talking to me on the thirty-two inch flat screen tv. Hey buddy, don’t you want to buy this blender? I mean, it’s a really nice piece that you might find useful. 

Hi Buddy, why don’t you come on our cruise line? We’d love to have you on The Titanic… thirty five. Don’t miss out on this lifetime luxury. Pick up your old phone and sign up. Be sure to dress accordingly. Only five hundred the first day… thousand dollars each additional day. Hurry now, as the only rooms available are in the third class decks.

I sit there not only wondering how much sleep I’m really missing. 

I slam the laptop lid shut! I rose to disconnect the cable. Another blasted ad pops up. Their face looks like a giant pale melon on screen as they begin their selling voice. 

There are ads coming at me. As it looks jumbled and blurry going so fast. Even as I pull the plugs to stop the tv from running. It pops up again..this time a young woman in a cap and gown. Aww man, I thought you enjoyed my ad campaign. I mean, who wouldn’t want to come to a school you’ve never heard of? That’s super duper more expensive than any other place and, and get this, it’s in the middle of nowhere? You do like the middle of nowhere…don’t you?  

Her bright eyes that are a strange color now glare at me as she leans into the screen, almost as if she’s going to come through it any moment. Which makes my skin crawl as every hair on my body stands straight up in horror. 

My cat continues their call to their people, to no avail throughout the entire experience. Suddenly, something jolted me and I sat straight up in my bed. My head swivels in every direction, trying to figure out what’s going on and if it’s still talking. As I calmed down and realized it was only a dream or really more like a nightmare. The tv went from black screen to a commercial scaring me half to death when the sound shot up just like always. I hate when it does that. 

Wiping the sweat away, I got up from my still made bed. Seeing my laptop is still on, I quickly checked that my ad blocker’s still working and I shut it off as fast as I could, feeling freaked out by the whole thing. Threw my remote at the tv as I opened the door to let Trixie inside the room and shut off the tv. 

I never did another late-night video watch again. Last thing I need is someone telling me I need a cruise or some weird clocks, special deodorant or something.

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