Ray Bradbury Wk8 52ss 52wks Space Alien Stuck by Blizzard Stole Fort Knox

              Space Alien Stuck By Blizzard Stole Fort Knox

Original posting date February 25th Last one for February. So, I’m caught up to the end of February. Now to focus on March round.

Just my luck! I’m the one that’s getting snowed into this place all alone. Everyone is away, only temporarily, since the blizzard caused them to evacuate the place. There’s just one problem, though. They’ve forgotten me. I’ve, of course, missed the buses leaving by a mere four minutes. They’re punctual! They will get that. I wonder why a military installation would need to evacuate during a snowstorm. Evacuate isn’t the best choice of words. What I should have said. They left to help with the storm aftermath, as they left me behind. It’s not all bad though—since I can go into places, I’m not allowed to. With the whole thing, I need to be given proper upper clearance. I think I have enough room. My superiors won’t know what I’ve been doing as I check out the rest of the place. Taking a borrowed, not stolen upper level key card and a shuttle. They don’t permit people of my status in this area of the lower decks, and it could be a justifiable decision. It’s on the other side of the systems that keep our air clean. I started heading to check out the furthest rooms. What is this place hiding? Walking through corridors for what seems like hours. I’d reached a peculiar door made of steel. I had to use my strength opening the massive door that showed a long meandering corridor. The air smelled slightly pungent and not as clean. What I stumbled onto had never seen before. A large swath of pods that house strange creatures. Oh, heck no! I just found a Bigfoot. Score! There is a leprechaun here. A real leprechaun. I walk through a passageway and three flights of stairs. Then there was the space alien. I ran into them after walking for miles. Only resting every couple hours, which should have clued me in.

 I didn’t realize how many miles I had walked. Finally, reaching all the places on this earth, Fort Knox! I’ll find out if gold’s here. Ironically, boy, did I catch someone gold handed. As I walked into the huge safe, I noticed a short, kinda scrawny figure in the shadows of the safe room. Then I spotted another one, a bit chubbier, tossing golden bars into what looks like one of those physician bags only in metal. I sprang forward from out of the shadows yelling, “Stop that! Put it back now!” I demanded. The space aliens take what they’d already grabbed and run for it. As fast as their pale aqua, three-toed feet will take them. All the while, one attempts to eject something from their wrists like some frilly lizard scrambling during chase. I lost them twice, halfway down the corridors. I stayed on track. When we arrived, I thought my eyes were deceiving. As they open the hatch to a dormant spaceship taking off before I can even react to stop them. By the time everyone returned, it’s business as usual. Though not really for me, I’m stuck cleaning all the non-high security parts of the place and demoted to cadet. At least they don’t believe I stole it anymore. Only because they saw them when the ship returned for more gold. No, we never did get the other pieces of gold back. We did meet a few more space aliens, though, and nobody believed it.

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