Ray Bradbury 52SS 52wks Wk7 The Apocalyptic Assignment

Originally post for February 18th two tweaks have been made..

I’m supposed to take over for him today. I’m not sure if I’m comfortable replacing this strange individual. And by what I mean, take over I mean everything about them since he won’t be here any longer in the next few moments. They assign us three months to study any individual, both internally and externally. Their mannerisms, personality traits and the like. Of course my host is perhaps the weirdest candidate of them all.  

They created us with the possibility of this day happening. However, as my time arrived, to transfer them to me. None of us had taken into consideration what we’re getting ourselves into by doing so. After meeting him, I put in a request to be reassigned to someone else. Of course, they deny my request without question, which places us in a predicament that we cannot undo afterwards.

After the procedure is over, the beings personality immediately takes over. We didn’t take into account how hair-raising it would be as I began to develop habits so strange that I appear to be almost an animal in nature. With the most odd, shall I say, feeling sprung up racing around the room for no reason at all and proceed to jump upon the desks, knocking one thing after another off it with great pleasure.  

As I try to jump toward the ceiling in an attempt to attach myself to a floating light source. Only to have fallen and broken off pieces of my body upon the floor in the process. 

It only takes a moment to realize that the being I’m supposed to host isn’t the one that I’m currently inhabiting. We do not realize for a few months that the original one who was to be the candidate, as humans say, chickened out in the last few days and switched themselves with one of your earth felines. Now I’m stuck for all eternity zooming around and chasing a tail I do not have or whatever this being wishes for the rest of my existence until I eventually reach the time of being disassembled.

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