Ray Bradbury 52SS52W Week 6 Book of Time Past Due

Original date to post February 11th

I wouldn’t have believed it could really happen if it hadn’t happened to me. Late one evening going to bed as I normally do at exactly nine o’clock with a little light reading. After having visited the library after working at the university. Nothing out of the ordinary, as always. At least not yet! A most peculiar feeling comes over me about quarter after nine as a strange light permeates my room. This isn’t the strangest part however, it’s when the clock changes time to the number sixty-one. I only remember the first part of the experience. I say the first part as if there is a second, I realize that seems rather odd considering. The story has a second act and possibly a third as well. It originally started on one summer night where I’m in my mid-thirties during this time. I’ll leave you with one nugget clue it is somewhere in the nineteen hundreds and it only happens of course during the current time frame. That can seem like a dreamlike state. Sometimes earlier and sometimes far into the future. Going to another time period. Either way I’m always put to good use since reading this particular book.

 Which I must for my paper that I’m currently working on at the university. My goal is to prove that time travel exists. Which I inadvertently do. I’d never expected, and the Librarian always states I’m sixty-one years late both past, present and future and I’ve never figured out how or even why.

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