Ray Bradbury52SS52W Week 5 Mess in Space

Week five. Which was meant for (Correction; February 4th )

Everyone knows that when you put certain people together. Let alone the same ship. In the middle of the dark recesses of space. It’s just not going to be good, no matter how hard they try. It’s not really even their fault. Which is about to happen. They both arrived on the same day. We were supposed to go on some routine mission in an outer solar system. It seemed okay at first. Nothing out of the o’s throats this time. Which is good. We thought there wouldn’t be re-assignments.

 After they met each other, everything turned upside down. Both metaphorically and literally. It all started with a favor to an admiral with one and an ill-timed assignment for another with our unfortunate ship with plenty of gadgets and gizmos, when an unfortunate disaster befalls our ship in unpredicted ways.The captain and first officer become incapacitated when the ship gets hit with an energy vortex from a neighboring sun in a system we’re currently going through. We thought the captain would follow the chain of command as usual. During this one particular incident, that didn’t happen. The same day we have an accident, we pick up the newbies. They put the goons in charge. 

So far, they have almost sucked us into an event horizon all because one wanted to see the inside of one, accidentally jettisoned the engine core during a fight with one of my crewmates and chased after and retrieved said core afterwards.

One of them said something they did not like during the fight. Our ship nearly blew up at the same time. Oh, and then there’s the time when they opened com for contact with a couple of asteroids heading our way instead of maybe just changing course ourselves. But nope, they demand it, alter its course. 

We know how that ended up. That’s when we all decided on a mutiny against them. Took the ship back into our possession and changed course. As soon as the Captain and first officer woke up, they informed them of everything that’s happened. It didn’t go over well. They gave the rest of us accommodations in our files while we put them into the brig through half the journey. Bad marks on their crew files and the Admiral heard an ear full regardless of rank, seniority. They now scrub the decks as part of the cleaning crew, provided they’re not allowed near any of the ship’s computers or engines. 

 As a favor to the crew, part of their sentences and partial punishment, we agreed it would be fitting to have them both clean up the mess they made from the past few weeks of terror.

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