Betting Human Ray Bradbury Week 4 52SS 52W

Sorry about being late I’m now caught up.

I would have thought after being cooped up for a thousand plus years in this tiny thing. I’d finally get a smart one to free myself. At least that should be the case. Let me tell you, I still end up with real zingers. This last time they summoned me was a real doozy. I thought the first thousand were bad. But now, this one takes the cake…metaphorically speaking.

When they summoned me from my place, I had no clue what I’d be getting myself into. Especially since this time they’ve got and can get everything they’ve ever wanted at their fingertips. Apparently, I am in the future! Man, I didn’t realize it at first. But I’d been in that tiny thing for so long. I never dreamt I’d see this day.  

So, you’d think with everything being at their disposal, they wouldn’t need me? Err Yeah, I was wrong. Way wrong. I don’t know if I can grant his request. I mean, who, with their noodles all together, would want to go that far back into the past? But that’s just for starters. I did grant the first one. He wanted to see a caveman or woman and he got to see one.  

By the day, the requests become more and more bizarre. Everything from being a fish to seeing a mermaid. No, no, I take that back, actually being Abe Lincoln for a day. The one thing that sealed his fate for me was. Even the circus clowns wanted to know why they were being picked on. 

This is not what sealed me back into this lamp. I sealed myself back inside because of something more stupid than that. Too embarrassing! I can give you a clue: don’t make bets with humans. 

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