RayBradbury 52SS52Wks Week 2 Silver Magic of Valhalla

I’m late posting sorry about week three is coming soon after this posting. Then Week 3 will come sometime this weekend.

I hike my route with a walking stick. Going carefully through some treacherous routes of the silver Mink trail lurks many dangers. This is the most dangerous I’ve ever seen. This evening that’s special as the silver Mink lunar eclipse is upon us. I stop in my tracks, watching from within the tallest brush on the outskirts of old silver Mink Forest. A pure silvery gray buck comes in a flash, morphs into a man in a silver cloak. When another buck develops several feet from their location. The moon sits between its antlers, as if the moon’s being cradled by it.

I quieted my breathing as the moon reached the eclipse totality. A fiery circle encompasses the moon over the buck, where a glowing eye appears within the ring. The skies darkened sparkles flutter close to the ground in murmuration, like a flock of birds. When I realized they were birds, white glittery swarms changed shape faster than I could keep up. All the while, from within the ring, tree branches laying upon the grounds change into odd shapes alive and breathing.

One looks like a jester, as it contorts acrobatically into many positions and shapes across the tall grasses. While the other I’m unsure of. Scents flowing through the air are unlike anything I’ve ever smelled. While strange, not unpleasant. Then it appeared I didn’t realize it had a face until it kneels peering into the ring. 

As the individual blinks in and out of time, it lurches towards them. Managing for a moment to avoid the creature’s grasp. Which is short-lived when it finally knocks them to the ground, ripped the book from their arms. Its laugh echoes through the vortex, quaking the ground beneath me. 

There is a creature pushing another. As the person’s still lying on the ground I raced to their side and helped them to their feet.  

Then it pulls their cloak down, revealing a female wizard. In a weakened state but otherwise intact. Eclipse disappears now exposing the moon’s vibrant glow. She feverishly flips through the book as more creatures arrive. Search for a way to close it.

But before she can speak the proper words once we found the right one. Everything melts away like dust in the wind. The monsters, the bucks and the female wizard all disappeared into the evening skies and the stars reappeared across a velvet midnight blue sky. Was it perhaps dreamt as if it never happened, everything is the same? 

A hallucination? Was I asleep the entire time as the eclipse happened? My mind raced when I realized the wizard’s book is still nearby. it is tattered and dusty as though it’s laid upon the ground for many years untouched.

I’m still unsure if it was all a dream regardless and I believe I may never really know.

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