Ray Bradbury 52SS 52W(week1) The Crystal Book of King Arthur’s Courts

Welcome to the first story in the new year. I am late posting apologies. This first one turned out harder to write than I thought it be.

But I finally got inspiration. (Update: I have corrected the couple spots and now has title.

Nobody will believe me, I thought to myself as I watched the old street corner bustling with people on the main road. Change into something completely fanciful. It’s out of time or history itself. It all begins the day I take a stroll up to the town square. The skies are clear and blue at first, but quickly turn dark. Storefronts I’m standing before begin shifting shape and colors as it appears as if it’s made of… magic. A worn old amethyst door that looks like it has seen better days takes on oddities against the wall of an empty shop next to me. The sidewalk distorts under my feet as it disappears completely, changing to sandy dirt. It creaks open, startling me as funnily enough, a cryptic tail of a sleek, gorgeous blue-black cheshire cat beckons me inside. I find as I’m cautiously entering it, sitting rather elegantly atop a silk pillow adorned with a gold border and tassels at each of the four corners. Where she blinks slowly, as if she’s warmly welcoming to her guests. 

She turned her attentive deep amber eyes to withdraw towards the window, staring with great intent as if she stalks prey. An aged man startles me, appearing out of nowhere. The staircase appeared from the shadows as they reached the bottom step. He shuffles over to a tall pedestal, checking on something laying on top of it concerningly as they mumble quietly, their frail hands hovering over it as if they want to touch and can’t. They still don’t notice me as they head for what looks like an original apothecary table. It’s furnished with all kinds of baubles, liquids and what appear to be satin bags with grains of colorful sands in the fire-lit space. When they suddenly looked up from it, they were a bit befuddled. Jumping back and asked who I was as they introduced themselves. As wizard Miveus. They tell me the record upon the podium is shattering at a slow pace. But it is, however, already affecting their timeline. As it now appeared in mine without warning. After a lengthy talk, I’m torn with the decision of joining them to repair the old glass writing to restore us all to their proper place, advising me this will take time that I may not be back for a long duration until said book has stopped its descent beyond saving. Our hours turn into days and then weeks as we travel long distances around his land. The book began glowing by a certain point as its break begins accelerating. It is yet another two weeks before we’ve found the cause. We’re now close to an epiphany on how to restore it. A strange magic he’s never seen has penetrated the book, trying to destroy it from deep within the crystal book. So, we’d have to work fast in creating a counter spell, manage to halt its destruction and repair it in the minutes before it completely disintegrates into nothing. After days of soaking, it in its counter spell, it is fully restored, and we said our goodbyes.  I know you’re wondering why he’s chosen me, of all people. Well, it is actually a fairly simple answer. He is my ancient relative in the time of Camelot, or better known as the time of King Arthur’s Courts. 

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