Happy 2023 Everyone

Happy to see a new year in and old year out!

This year I have a lot in store for this blog which will feature starting this week. The return of The Ray Bradbury 52 Stories 52 Weeks challenge and I am determined this time to complete the year out. This year I’ll be doing a poetry month, a turning old crap novel script, finishing to novellas from previous NaNoWriMo’s. Hand sewing projects will also be featured on this blog which I have been wanting to do for some time. Along with other things I’m planning and will unveil in the coming month. I’ll have a complete list of what this year will entail at a later date!

So, at the end of Next week Saturday will be the first story in the Bradbury challenge. I will just post it on Saturdays. That was what I seemed to gravitate to in the past.

How are you all doing? How were your holidays?

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