This week’s Bradbury challenge story is coming!

It is coming I promise. I’m so sorry for the lack of updates. Between sinus (it is that time of year of weather change…it is still in decision mode) I missed two days’ worth of wordcount, and other things that popped up. busy, nano (which I am still behind). Updates have fallen pitifully to the wayside. Right now, I’ll admit it I’m sitting at 12,515. But I think I can get close to hitting 20 k tonight at least. Be sure to check out on the side panel my Mighty pens NaNoWriMo charity page.

We did at least get our first snowfall early so for twenty-four hours we had snow on the ground.

I’ll work on the other story in between so you will have something from the Bradbury challenge sometime this weekend. Could be Sunday again. Even though I don’t really like doing that. But what can you do. I’ll do my best to update you tomorrow night on how far my nano has gotten since today.

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