How did I do in September

September flew by at times especially during the mid to end of the month with some hiccups here and there with a delay or two. But I managed to write all month completing week 10. Man, it doesn’t feel like it should be week ten already. Wow

Here are the monthly stats for September stories

Locked Door of Balara -1,061 total word count

The Five Hundredth Friday the Thirteenth Party – 1,532 total word count

Great Catastrophe on Glider Beech Street- 1,306 total wordcount

Agent of Secret- 1040 total wordcount

The Golden Billiards Pool Hall Mystery – 2,112 total wordcount

If I have this correct, I wrote a grand total for the month of 7,051.

Grand Grand total of 21,240 Since starting this. Not bad I’d say.

Let us see what kinds of stories October brings mauahahahhhahahahaahaaaaaaaaaa

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