Agent of Secrets Ray Bradbury 52 SS 52 W Week 9(Delayed)) Agent of Secrets

Sorry to be late this week folks. The previous story wasn’t working out so I scrapped and started over. THe proper week story will be soon.

It’s not as easy as it looks to keep secrets when you’re working as a special agent. Special Agent Adria Orli working for BOTU and undercover in the FBI. I always get the highest recommendations. Well, because I’m very stealthy. Nobody can ever see me coming. Unfortunately, in the FBI, they won’t allow me to work alone, always assigning me a new partner every three to four months. Claiming no communication skills and acting like I’m not even there. Hey, I can’t help it if they don’t notice me. Besides, our bosses seem to think I’m doing a fine job. I show up for work not only on time. But even before anyone else gets there. What can I say dedicated to our work? Nobody can argue with that. O Wait! Yes, they can. It could partly be why I can’t keep a partner. That and the practical jokes they don’t seem to grasp. Come to think of it, my partner here appears to be the only investigator that people want to talk to. I always offered to do the paperwork on each case. Of course, as usual, he pays no attention to me like I’m not there. I put a note to the director, Angelo’s secretary. Before leaving to go to my meeting with the other organization during work lunch break. I decided against taking public transportation since the second location I work at is so close to this work. Just like always, rude people bump into me without a word of excuse or apology when they do it. A block and a half later, I reached BOTU headquarters, slinking out of sight. The usual sign-in and banter with the desk person. In the elevator, I’m stuck in the back against the wall staring at the numbers going up, up, up. We are the highest highrise here. Between two hundred to three hundred offices and floors. Seems excessive probably, however, it is all by perfect design. The boss here during our meeting suggested that I bring my partner from the other workplace. I argue it by saying it’s not a good idea. We argue back and forth for over an hour. When I realize I’m late to return to the FBI. With the expression, I bite my tongue. I chose not to speak of it. This is still not comfortable for me. I waited forty-eight hours before deciding to agree to it, to my dismay. I spent the morning figuring out how to approach him. When my boss appears out of the blue. My face ended up greenish to a paler white more than usual when I spotted him. I never noticed my hand going through the desk frantically pounding a stamper as if it were my last day on the job. Though I’m thinking it could be, I thought as a gulp hard. I place the stamper off to the side. 

 Only to realize I’d nervously covered, scattered upon the maple-colored top of a metal desk in black stamp ink with the address and official logo on transparent envelopes.  At least I didn’t accidentally put postage stamps all over it…this time.  Ayeee that’s another story, another matter, for another time.  I stand at attention next to my partner’s desk who is luckily not at it currently. I whisper conspicuously as I try hard to not draw attention to the awkward nervous look on my face. He hovers over the seat next to the desk. Scoping out the area as if it’s his turf. The director of BOTU decided to pay me an impatient visit rather than wait for my response to my dismay. Then my partner arrives a short time later.  I am now breathing into a bag which he now notices of course. Only his reaction is quite strange almost afraid of me. Special agent Hamilton reached out to touch something just past my face. I could feel his warm hand against my nose. Then begins to sniff the air in a matter that I can only describe as a wolf on a prowl for food. The does seem to have a nose like a bloodhound.  Until they home in on me that’s when everything goes haywire as I panic. His phone rings off the hook papers begin to fly in a circle around him. A couple of portals in front of the elevator open. The coffee maker spits out coffee at warp speed and the staples begin to staple people to their desk calendars on every floor. The boss kept nonchalantly trying to get me to stop it as when I get nervous instead of perspiring I just send things through portals and whatnot. I thought sure at this moment I would be fired on the spot by both organizations. As crazy as it seems this is not what happened when otherworldly things start happening across the city. It only takes a few weeks to figure out who it is making things go crazy in this realm. We stake them out for about a week or two in both realms. We decide to approach my partner of the mortal realm and let him in on what’s going on. Thankfully the meeting goes better than expected to my surprise. I hadn’t expected such a warm response from the guy. Neither he nor the boss seemed too upset with it. As it turns out the director suspected something like this. The director never pushed me as he didn’t want to lose me as an agent regardless of whether I worked in both. The only thing he knew is that we had a perfect catch record and he wanted it to stay that way. Even if the method I’ve always used is a bit out of this on and off realm. Since both sides knew of each other now. We work in unison with both realms. 

My partner and I played regular jokes on our bosses getting together in the evenings to plot every April fools joke we can think up. I still work for the Bureau of the unearthly. I don’t have to remain cloaked thankfully. I’m now liaison actually to the arriving ships on occasion. As we are apparently a favored vacation spot for the off-worlders.

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