Ray Bradbury 52 SS 52 W Week 8 The Great Catastrophe on Glider Beech St.

Ouch, that hurts! Great, the power is out! None of us sees a thing now, not even my hands in front of me. I keep bumping into something huge every three minutes. I make my way through the jumbled mess. Doing my best not to wreck as they show up. I scramble out of the small place fast. When I hear it say, man, that is the eighteenth transformer to blow tonight! What the heck is going on here? Somewhat similar to a mafia of space aliens or something. As the news on tv sets, inside the window of a store report its timing with a solar flare only don’t realize the thing which took them out in one failed swoop. The Worker said, with a slight grimacing chuckle. Uh oh, not good. They unfortunately suspect who the culprit in the transformer blow is. Hey Greg, help me clean this one. It’s a two-person job. I heard him say as I tried to shake it off. The frosty air that swoops past me, chilling me to the bone. The slightly frosty air made him bundle up more, made me feel a little sorry for them as we streaked past them in the opposite direction, stopped and looked toward trees as workers tried to solve mysteries we left for them all night. I meet up with the others on the grounds of a lit, empty park. I approached and heard one of them chattering about something they had done. When they spotted me, He stopped talking about it. Even give me the cold shoulder as I approach, like I have gone behind their back and done something behind everyone’s back. We hear the footsteps off in the distance as we perk up on alert. The first set disappears into the evening. The second set’s getting louder as everyone scatters under anything we can find. I peeked around the tree closest to the enormous feet on alert as I listened.

 There is a casualty which now means war to my people as they’ve volunteered their lives for this task, which happens every year as we are foraging for food and a place to stay during the winter’s harshest year. These people don’t show us any mercy during our great trials. By which they set up the task to destroy the people’s lights in the hopes it may teach a valuable lesson. Alas, it only causes minor annoyance; they try to subvert our force and repair any damage we’ve created. So we work harder and faster to do as much obvious telltale damage as we can. We realized, however, it’s not enough to drive them from our territory, so we up the ante more. One of us sneaks inside the gigantic monster they’ve come out of shimmying through all its pipes and whatnot up into the belly of the magnificent shiny blue beast that makes strange sounds shaking violently as the troop of one makes their way through the great minefield. While we hear others attack the reflective blue from the outside with great fury. That is getting worse by the moment. Concerning us so much, one of us returns to the outside to check on the troops as the other makes their way through to the task. When I reached the exit. I peeked out carefully, as I still heard the banging noises. Appalled at what I’m witnessing, it is attacking our troops with its glare, attempting to lure us to our demise one by one. The glare but press heavily injured our men with their attack as their body slams it with great intensity one by one, determined they will succeed or die trying. A brilliant light from across the city flickers violently. Something is attempting to restore it from beyond. The noble beast’s belly comes to life when it suddenly takes off with my friend inside it. While others continue racing behind it as some of them continue trying to body slam it, to no avail. I ready myself to jump inside as it comes to a full stop, only to collide with it.

 My head is spinning now as the stars come down to surround my wobbly noodle. Just as I regain my senses, I hear an explosion in its belly. They have done it! With a sacrifice, they’re successful in stopping it, as I witnessed the smoke coming from underneath of it. When suddenly a roar came from one of the giant men. Ah dang it! Now we can’t even get home until the truck’s repaired. But, at least we know what did it! Sheesh, that is going to be a bigger mess to clean up and there’s two of them. That’s when I realized at least two of us made it inside by destroying it. But who is it, who is braver than any of us to make it into its belly first? We will never know, unfortunately. But we continue on now, fighting the rest of the fleet successfully as we now know how to take them out as we continue our barrage against the bright fiery lights in their large dens, optimistic we can drive them away. Throughout the night the assault continues and we are all exhausted but muster the strength to keep going as we feel we are almost at their breaking point as we made some flee to their monsters’ bellies away from the city. As our younger generation joins in on the fight, chasing it away from our domain. While others fought us tooth and nail. They are harder to get rid of. This will be a battle for our ages, which may stretch days, maybe even weeks or years. We retreated and rested, staying hidden during the daylight hours as we knew they had come back during the moon’s time. We will plan our attacks accordingly. In the hours of the moonrise, this time we fight harder and stronger, going head on into the battle. We started catapulting the troops onto the front of the beast, hoping to scare it away as we screamed our battle songs. 

They try everything to shake our troops off, to no avail. We clawed, scratching the great monster deep, its silver blood dries and falls off instantly to our alarm. How can this be? I thought. An evil force that can heal itself? We must drive it away from us. Our people are now in further danger if we don’t! Scratching it more than ever, I try to get through its invisibility shield. It is strange as I peer inside, seeing one of them operating it. As if it is a puppet when the decision’s made to stop our assault. Perhaps they’re trapped as prisoners being forced to operate these strange puppets and that those we saw retreating were actually kidnapped. I jump off, leaving it be, I yell, racing back to our den, calling the force home. We cannot help them. But maybe show them mercy and try to live in peace. No longer attacking anyone who may approach our homes inadvertently. We from time-to-time approach them with caution, of course, as the battle’s still fresh in our minds. We are still a bit weary of them. But, they give to us willingly from one time to another food for our winter storage. We stand by as the light across the land’s restored, and everyone kidnapped return to their homes. We now live in peace now as the season’s change is complete, and we prepared for the long slumber with their help. Though our younger ones who still attack are a little less playful when one approaches. I’ll never forget the great battle of the big hole which happened just the other day. We are still nursing those that are injured from this battle. They will learn…one day. 

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