Ray Bradbury 52 SS 52W Week 7 The Five Hundredth Friday the Thirteenth Party

Can’t believe we are in week seven of this writing extravaganza. Enjoy folks! Also, I apologize again for the lateness in getting week 7 up. I wasn’t feeling well last week so it was a struggle. But I managed. Week 8 will go up as normal this week.


I can’t believe it’s already been fifty years since we got together. But it’s been about ten years since we’d last seen HeathToothbane. We sure have had a lot of good times together. I sit here in my ancient big chair staring out the huge window in this big ole place. Totally lost in a gaze. I watch the hypnotic waterfall tapping against the outside of the glass. A slam startles so bad both of the bolts pop off as I jump clear off my chair. A big strange-looking bird hovers in front of my window with something in its beak. I swung the window so quickly that I almost squashed the little guy as it moved out of the way. Shot inside dropping what appears to be a notecard with the name Billy Flintseeker on it. I open it as I hold it close to my face.

Good eeeeeeeevening all

You are cordially invited to the party of the century! Friday, October the Thirteenth. Vors d’oeuvres will be served. Be here by the midnight hour or be square, the note read.

Sincerely your favorite vampire.


The creature changes into a poof of smoke transforming into a dashing gent in a crisp blue suit. A golden sash and a creamy yellow handkerchief were neatly tucked into his pocket. My old buddy Heath. I screeched waving my arms in excitement as I reached out and grabbed him, well I’ll be a gremlin’s uncle how are you? I said.

Also, every time you utter that phrase you know what happens, so bare in mind. I don’t know where the professor is so you may end up being square until I can get ahold of him. Old man Heath as it turns out is having a get-together with the old gang. He even warns me Gail Waterlilly will be there. As he elbows me, with a look that can only be described a look of someone who had too much of something they shouldn’t have.  Too a howler at the moon crazy. I shove him over jokingly. Only to watch Heath’s yellow cape flying up towards the ceiling as he falls completely over. I needed to remember again that my nudges are more like a popcorn popper gone wrong. Luckily he gets right back up laughing as his phone rings. The old man’s face grimacing now so hard you can see every facial hair stand straight up. Which makes Heath’s face appear to have a flat beard. As the yellow cape perches on his shoulders, it takes a mind of its own trying to pry itself off him as fast as it can. Heath shut the phone When he tossed it towards the window. Luckily, I have a fast reflex to catch the phone before it flies out the open window. Before asking Heath what’s the matter. It only makes his scrawny body sulk further into the big brown leather seat he’s plopped down into. Of course, he refuses to speak to me while sitting there as he stares at the fireplace. I come up from behind, grab the chair and turn it upside down, dumping him onto the floor. Heath come on and stop sulking, tell me what’s the matter. I demanded. Ahhh very well then! He said Heath’s face was still stuck in a grimacing position. My venue pulled out at the last minute. So we don’t have any meeting place for our anniversary party. I pace around thinking hard about how to rescue the party when the idea slaps me in the face. Literally or more like a spider on a spider’s web, I’m standing next to swats at me. Hey, Heath, why don’t we together and host the little shindig here at my place?

He turns into a child quicker than you can blink as his dark eyes widen with a red twinkle. His toothy smile becomes a bit of a…tootheir beam and turns into a puddle of panic. How will we inform all two hundred ghouls and gals all over the world that the party’s moved? I mean I can fly fast, just not that fast.  Heath keeps repeating this as he shakes me back and forth the bolts off me in a violent frenzy. When Heath finally stops it I see fire breathers dance around my head as I wobble backward and forwards. That last one unfortunately stinks as it turns to start breathing fire into my face. Where I swat it away trying to come out of it. We spend the next week and a half alerting everyone of the party venue change. He’s not all together now, forgetting he can call people as well as sending the old way but, I digress.  It’s two days, before the party now. We are working at a fever pitch setting up all the tables and decorations in the dungeon basement area. all the while getting where everyone will sleep prepared as well. It turns into an argument before long between me and Heath. As he thinks everyone would be comfortable in a stuffy coffin. While I think we should vary the bedding situation to different things. As I pound my large fist against the hardwood clothing chest. Everything in the room pops up, pops down, pops up, pops down like a ship on the sea waves. Then they walk into the room as we’re still arguing.  Hair the color of a rainbow, her eyes the color of diamonds. My mechanical heart comes to a screeching halt as I gaze into her beautiful eyes. Heath is beating my chest, of course, like a hamster stuck at ninety miles an hour on a wheel. Until it slips off flying, as he tries to restart me as I finally move back to life.  Gail!… Gail Waterlily, my it’s been ages, my beautiful. I heard Heath say in the distance as I stared. She’s as beautiful as ever! I felt like I’m floating in the air as Gail catches me looking over in her direction.

Only one problem, I am floating and hit the wall not watching where I’m going. I come to a hard crash against the stone wall.  Both Heath and Gail run across the room to my aid as I’m quick to pop back up to my feet. I’m dying again…of embarrassment! Over what happened as my face turns a slight pink color. Highlighting my ash green-gray color more than usual.  As Gail began to side-eye coy. Fred the werewolf howled his way onto the castle grounds in his usual loudmouth way. As well as Jackson Mummy who unwound upon arrival in excitement and Victoria Ghostly. Who materialized right next to Heath scaring him half to life with living color. Others arrive in short order as they yell claiming every nook, ceiling, and cranny spot of the castle. As their restful quarters. I make the mistake of mentioning the old game spin the clamshell. As always it ends up stopping right in front of Gail. Where I’m reminded of chickening out almost three hundred times before. Things do not go well tonight either during the game. Only to be made worse by Heath’s hiccuping puffs of smoke. He phased in and out of being a bat for about four hours straight. While Mummy unwound themselves throughout the night. Sneaking around everyone being the usual prankster. Everyone parties into the next few days, laughing, crying…mostly me and lots and lots of pranks galore. Fred the werewolf has constant complaints during the day. About the noise everyone makes as he tries to sleep. While the ogres are trying to track down a lost bandage-less mummy mumbling about an old debt to settle. Then the final day comes too fast for us all as most begin clearing out.  What a mess we make every time. It’s taking us most of the month to clear out all of it or at least Heath, I seem to be lost in daydreams. When he suggested I’d just ask her and get it over with. A reminder it wouldn’t be another ten years or half a century before I’d see her again.So I do and we did! We have another party of the century six months later.  Well no actually two parties. Because not long after we’ve had the pitter-patter of shiny slippery feet. Uncle Heath relishes in his newest duties that just don’t include being a count. Then it isn’t long before our little one is now a big one and a graduate of Ghoul Seaweed high school. Everything seemed a quick blur and now we live with Count Heath. He thought it is his duty to do so since we are not empty nesters. It’s not long after our next party of the century with the gang commences. The only thing that’s different about Ghoul’s court of illegal parking and streaking. Ahem, this time mummy can be seen after slipping on some glow-in-the-dark goo from the local swamp.  It’ll take him at least eight hundred years to pay me back after this one. These were and are great times I can’t wait until our thousandth party of the century.

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