(Ray Bradbury 52ss52w Week 6) Locked Door of Balara

Happy September Everyone! I’m sorry this is late while I had slight difficulty finishing it. I still loved writing it. I hope you all enjoy it.

©Shawnee Bysh

Scents of wet, various shaded green vegetation fill the air as I run through the forest. While I jump over logs that litter the surrounding multi-colored landscape. Further & farther within the maple and evergreen forest. As I pass by a rock face covered with moss, I notice something odd about it and stop to investigate. A beautiful cherry wooden door with rectangle grooves along the center. A cast iron latch lock that holds the door shut, and a worn bronze doorknob that sits within the nook of a small hill. Vines intertwined within thin moss-covered branches spidering out across it. I pace around debating what to do. I want to run away from here, but my curiosity is beckoning me to open the door. So strange the way I feel standing here as I look at it. Decide to sit down on the ground and try to figure out why this odd feeling is bothering me so. Laying back against my backpack for what I thought was a few minutes, only to doze off for a few hours. Sit up still groggy, look over at the door that’s still there. I’ve not dreamt it! I rose to my feet, grabbed the backpack, leaves crunching under my feet at every step as I approached the door. While taking slow deep breaths, though, I am freaking out inside and close my eyes to unlock the door. I reopen it to find nothingness. Until, a flash of light blinds me for a moment and I’m suddenly being pulled into a misty kaleidoscope. I finally approached the other side of it. After what felt like hours. Only to realize it’s only been a few minutes. As another door opens by itself to the most beautiful place anyone has ever seen. It’s daylight with a sky of a very faint sherbet green. The landscapes are a mix of greenish blue hues as it scatters amongst cedar color patches of dirt. White and orange strands of sunlight dance across the teal mountains off in the distance. 

I slipped on something slippery as I stepped on what appears to be a ramp. After sliding fifty-miles an hour down the steep slope, I end up on my rear. I come to a screeching stop landing against something tall. Their hair glistens silver while their eyes are like the color of pearls. They peer down, towering over me as big as a maple tree, their eyes shining in the light as they lean down to help me to my feet. I stare around the wild landscape, noticing off in the far distance pure midnight azure skies. A pale velvety yellow moon hovering over the distant landscape. A woman approaches from behind them. Who is of similar appearance. She introduces herself as Odila and her male friend as Orlan. The others approach, demanding to know how I arrived here in their galaxy. Galaxy? I said. My name is Myrla Crestlight. Where am I? Odila’s face fills with wonder and concern after telling her I’m from Earth and the Milky Way Galaxy. You are from Earth, which means you are now over seven hundred light years from where you are supposed to be. How is this possible? Odila’s warning me I should not be here. We must find a way to return me to where I came from immediately if we can find the doorway again. I show them what I’ve come through by taking them back to the top of the steep hill only by the time we reach it, no longer here. It seems to have disappeared after I entered and came out of the other side of it. Odila decides until we find the door. I’m to stay with her for the time being after a first full day’s search for the doorway failing to show results. They take me around the landscape as we discuss how we could be able to reopen the door. We venture close to the border of the night side.

Where it is always night time and where its people live in the mountains towering close to the moon. The next day, we go out searching again for the door and this time we find it in the exact place it was before. As I say my goodbyes we didn’t realize I would soon be within their realm once again. To help save both of our planets. Until a few days later some very strange things started to happen and the dreams started. A sudden realization may be connected to my accidental visit. I grabbed the key to the old doorway and headed back to the forest to find the doorway again. As I’m running through, I feel like someone’s watching me. I run carelessly faster jumping precariously over things. I finally reached the site of the door which is covered in moss and vines once again. The door flies open even before I insert the key and the hand extends from within, uttering the words welcome little Mryla. After slipping through and down the steep slope. I’m told my great grandmother is of their world and is Lunar Heliosian. Her parents were born on this world being of both the night and the day. They decided after a great war that eventually ceased into a peaceful co-existence. They’d sent my grandmother to my side of the galaxy. Where she married an earth male and had children that eventually led to my being. Where she remained until her passing so many years ago they felt it was time for me to meet them. I wanted to know more but was torn between two galaxies and two worlds. But in an instant after gazing into Odila’s eyes I reconsidered. I return to Earth only long enough to tie up things that I’d left undone before I left. I packed or sold things I would and wouldn’t need. A week has passed when I’m finally ready to leave. I have a friend help me after explaining the unbelievable to them. 

They oddly enough do not question it, hinting that they’d always known something odd about me. As they watch me enter through the doorway one last time. Odila offers them the key to the doorway as she explains that as long as they do not reveal their realm. They may visit any time they wish to.

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