Month 1 Down!

I cannot believe the first month in the Ray Bradbury 52 short stories 52 weeks is actually over. I’ll admit I had so much fun writing this month. While it was very challenging to keep up. I loved it regardless and will keep going. We’ll see if I make it to next July which will be the end of the year for the challenge. Thursday of next week we will start the month of September kicking off round two of the Ray Bradbury Challenge. I hope you will continue with me on this writing bonanza.

This month’s stat for writing:

Elements of Gaia: 15 pages long. Total wordcount 5,095 words

Golden Roses Ruby (expansion): 1808 words and 4 pages

(I maybe a little off not sure I will have to double check it.)

Jinx of Jade Drive: 2,749 words and 4 pages

The Honey Nymphs Troth

4 Pages & 1,000 words

Ugly Wool Vs. Coffee Machine (This title I’m not as happy with. So, it may be retitled soon as I find something more suited for it)

Stats 2,015 words pages 5

All words combined is a total of 12,658 words and 32 pages in all for the entire month of August.

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