RayBradbury52SS52W Week 4 The Honey Nymphs Troth

This story is a double challenge it is partly a RayBradbury52SS52W, but it is also a challenge piece from Chuck Wendig’s Terribleminds Flash Fiction Prompt writing challenge. So, it is not marked in the usual format you guys are accustom too.

It’s 3980. We lived upon the planet Earth two thousand years ago, as a species once known as bees, until my people went through a strange evolution. My name is Thallia. I am only one of a hundred that remain of a sub-nymph species called Honey Nymphs. We are the guardians, and extractors of the universe’s amber liquid that comes from a bright white-gold lion’s tail galaxy, in the constellation Leo. I lived on a small honey golden-colored planet called Coxatera with The Breluvon, known as our system’s spirit. The spirit of all life in this sector lives under the surface of a nearby moon in a maze of caverns, amongst a field of various colors of semi-precious jewel pillars. No one could’ve ever imagined what our elders called the cerulean fire would come to our world one day when they arrived! The Boleax is a sub humanoid-robotic species. It’s unknown what star system they traveled from or what their intentions truly are. They’ve never encountered such beings before. Our elders ushered us on to ships living this world heading into the galaxies far away to seek a new home, just after they began altering our world without provocation. The elders feel as though it is an attack on our very lives. We tried unsuccessfully to carry The Breluvon to the surface and take them with us but failed in our quest. Brevulon perished shortly after we removed it. A futile attempt to take him with us as we escaped to the ship. 

We took its body to a nearby system, burying him in the dirt on a beautiful lavender landscape. Where we remained for a few days, hidden from the aliens, which remain at large after the destruction of the planet. Our ships scatter across the cosmos in search of new homes, or at least new explorations. While, three-hundred of us found paradise full of beautiful multicolor, multi-species of thriving flora, and animals that seem similar to Earth, even close to the same atmosphere with a curious mixup of scents of eucalyptus an almost citrus smell of sorts with hints of lavender and peppermint as an iris purple moon sets against mulberry skies with a light raspberry fog floating across everything is serene for the next hundred years. We all thought it was over that the Boleax were gone from our lives and had not run into them. Only one day, that changed. The cerulean fire is now here hovering over this planet we’ve been living on. I thought they were preparing to alter its landscape to suit their needs. But, it rather surprised us with an offer they’ve made to return us to our origin’s home after so many years away. They told us we have nothing to fear from them anymore since their evolution. They no longer have the desire to destroy or conquer and have repaired everything that was once broken, even the objects that were broken before they came. Even Breluvon lives again under the surface of the planet as the spirit of the world. They searched for the heartbeat, finding them where we laid the spirit. 

To say we are all apprehensive is an understatement. We decided on holding a town meeting away from their prying circuitry eyes having deliberations through the night, which turned into days and weeks. These beings are surprisingly patient with us now compared to the old behavior they once exhibited. They made a return to their ship, even leaving us in peace until we could agree. While we cannot agree on all of us going with them since we are still unsure if it is truly a trap or the latter. We vote on one representative willing to travel with them to see our old world. That representative is me, Thallia. I prepare as quickly as possible, as we are not sure what they may do if we kept them waiting for that answer for too much longer. Their ship is rather dark with very little lighting, if at all across it, and no way to get there faster if I need to. We’re only going at half a light year’s speed which will take the longest to return to the old world while going through a few dangerous obstacles along the way. It is now day twenty as we arrived hovering above the old world and to my surprise, as I gazed out the window of the ship it’s still flourishing. How can this be? We all thought the cities and everything no more after these beings arrived and drove us away. Looking down upon the planet watching pale yellow clouds interwoven above beautiful taupe lands. We land near the bottom of a mountain two hundred yards from the city. I am in awe as I remember it. As we approach the city buildings are not only still standing but they seem to be reinforced to withstand great cataclysms. I fly around above the city as I once did gazing upon the animals and flora as I buzz passed fly into a cavern of the mountain precariously whizzing through hovering stalagmites as I went in search of Breluvon who to my great relief I found sitting in the same place they once sat all those many years ago flying into him wrapping my arms around their shoulders. Face wet with tears, my heart racing and a smile as big as the biggest mountain top across my face they nothings destroyed at all; we were wrong about it. 

 They hadn’t wanted to destroy anything; they only wished to make contact in the hopes we can provide them with a new home for themselves as it also displaced them at one moment. I requested we return quickly to tell the others.

After they fill the ship with everyone, we make the journey back home. Once we arrived the elders were astonished, we agreed to provide them a home letting them live under Breluvon in peace for the rest of the centuries.

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