I did write during July.

I didn’t win the nano. But I still wrote, and I am okay with it. I got a short story done and started the Ray Bradbury 52 short stories 52 weeks challenge. So, I’m happy and off to a good start, I’m now at two stories down 50 weeks to go. I am having so much fun with it. I’m in my happy zone where I love to be. The only dilemma I have now is deciding what to write and release next on week three and so on. LOL

Which is a far more fun problem to have, at least for me it is. Also, I can work on multiple projects at once which helps a lot in not getting burned out and keeps my interest. My genres I’m going to attempt various types during this. So far, I’m faring on the mystery fantasy sci-fi sides on my works in progress. Could also be a little paranormal too.

I hope you all enjoy the next 50 weeks of stories as I have a blast writing them. Next one will be out Next week I won’t promise a certain day because that is failing me so far. We’ll just say before Sunday the week of the 11th.

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