Sorry missed two days of posting

After some setbacks and apprehension, I am happy to report I am writing. on nano I’m at 833 a little short for daily goal but I’ll get it. As for the current short story I’m working on. I’m not counting on the website the absolute total which is sitting at 2,507 currently. I’m only counting words I wrote on the starting’s of nano.

Which is the 800 plus words so far. But I’m doing well and doing the save the cat beat sheet for this story. Let me tell you it is a doozy and interesting but very tight beat outline. It is doable for shorter works. Just very tight and accurate. I’m not sure if I will continue to use this method on the next short story. Just have to wait and see as soon as I get this story done.

Currently in the next 3 beats as they are combo that goes as follows.

Bad Guys Close In

All Is Lost

Dark Night of The Soul.

Where I should be word count wise after this. 3,995

We shall see what tomorrow’s wordcount brings. If I make it to the 3000 mark.

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