I am writing Could be doing Nano

I’ve started my first 5000-word short story after another funk, busy offline, and sinus allergies from you know HE DOUBLE you know what. Pollen has been through the roof this spring summer. Anyhow, so far it is going well on the writing, but slow since I’m testing out using the save the cat writes a novel outlining/writing method. I’m also attempting Ray Bradbury again. So, After I get this first story done count it as the first one in the years’ worth of stories.

Oh, also that one flash story I did the Golden Roses Ruby will be a short story of 5000 in a rewrite and expansion. I may not post the stories right off. But I’ll do my best to post here daily progress. Please keep me accountable. LOL

How is everyone doing? How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? Got a problem you need to vent about?

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