I UNintentionally went MIA

I’m sorry folks for not finishing out January. The last part of the month I ended up feeling awful and my brain went into the proverbial crapper. So, I own it! I really didn’t finish the month of January out. But this month I’m going to make every single attempt at doing better. I am still somewhat craptastic. But I’m going to try to do much better this month. Even if I’m still a bit slower than normal.

Our weather is about to get nutty around my neck of the woods. We have a snow storm heading our way over the next 24 hours. The whole shebang rain, then sleet/freezing rain/ice and then snow. Good thing we don’t have anywhere we need to be.

I am plotting a short story trying to get the generational stuff sorted out so my short story will make sense. I’ll try to get some flash fics up this week and it could be a whole bunch at once. So far warning. lol

How are you all doing? How did January treat you? How’s the weather where you are, you getting this snowstorm too?

4 thoughts on “I UNintentionally went MIA

  1. No snow but we’ve been receiving a deluge of rain for the past week and with more to come. Sadly, a few lives have been lost and lots of property and cars are under water.
    All the best with your scheduled tasks. 🌹


    1. We had some snow not a lot this season. Now temps are beginning to warm up for springtime. Thank you, though everything I’ve planned so far hasn’t quiet panned out like I hoped. I’ll eventually get back on track.


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