The Neighbors…

Are Coming

I definitely ended up with more than I bargain for moving into what is more in keeping up appearance’s nice little cul-de-sac area. The only problem is they all look alike, alike. Dark paint and big houses with dreary landscape. I mean, even the grass, or what I think, looks so bleak and gray.
Well, we don’t meet each other right away. Actually, try keeping to ourselves. Or so I thought. Turns out they were night people. Becoming brave one evening, going over to one of the neighborly houses and introduce myself. Did not go as hoped. The loud howling, flapping and what appears to be partying continues nightly.
I try to complain about it during the day, but they seem to evade me on purpose. At least that’s what I was thinking until one evening. The usual noisy blares and such start up about midnight… again. Only this time I don’t get angry. No, not right away. I try a little reversal, deciding to join in on their little party. Try being the operative word here. That ends up going nowhere fast as I end up leaving in a hurry.

The one gent must have some weird eye contacts or disorder because I’ve never seen red glowing eyes on a human before. Though rather pale compared to me. The other gent looking as though they’ve not shaved in centuries. I’ve unfortunately misjudged in that thinking. As both become rather enraged at my lapse of poor judgment in word choices. Trying to outrun both hiding in every nook and cranky, I think of only sudden blackout for a few hours waking up the next evening just after sunset. Now I’m constantly invited to their parties and we’re best friends. Though I’m not sure now why I just can’t stand daylight now.

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