Awareness of Fiction

This, I can tell from experience, isn’t just writer’s block. I mean, at least I think it isn’t, though I cannot be sure. Really can’t be sure. It isn’t until the third day of my writing frenzy to finish my novel that I realize Houston we have a problem. It all started the other morning, did my traditional yoga for the morning, made my breakfast, all that jazz. Boot up my computer while I shower. Everything seems normal, doesn’t it? Well, sit back and hang on. It’s about to get hairy.
As I sat down with my black coffee, the aroma perfuming my desk area like incense. My document opened. I scan through it, remember where I left off. With a little overhead, light shining on my screen. So far normal, right? So far yeah everything is going great as I begun writing. Doing an interesting comical scene in the book. It should be about seven pages by the time I’m done. It is not until halfway through my day’s work that the document appears to have a mind of its own. I think must be a joke or someone has hacked me?
Nope! My lead character is talking to me or back to me, I should say. I try to overwrite it, but it doesn’t seem to work. Just keep complaining about how I’ve written them. I keep typing fast as I can. Erase them write out the scene. This goes on and on and on for several pages beyond seven page chapter.
They continue to protest the way I’m writing the scene, especially them as their effort to overwrite what I’m doing wanes. We argue for about another hour before I call a truce for. I make a halfhearted gesture that I’ll do better in the sequel and they agree to let me write them as I felt. I can complete the book without further incident from the character.
However, Character A doesn’t know it yet. But, the sequel I have already planned out… We alas may never see character A again.

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