1/18/21 The Mimic of Tough Love

Probably think I’ve got the simplest life on the planet. Meals twice a day, playtime whenever the mood strikes. They even let me go crazy streak through the house, mostly at night.
Umm yes to an extent for everyone else. Not so much me, I’d have to end up adopting a crankiest crank you’d ever meet. Leaves for work comes home eons later and lays it on me for two hours straight. Becoming rather repetitive, don’t you think? Regardless, I sit at the window overlooking the cityscape watching everything from passing contraptions to pretty birds who like to taunt. Run around the house on spurts of energy at will. Break a few things here and there. Knock things around the pretty desk and on the counters, which I get yelled at for from time to time. At least until I figured out, don’t do it while they’re home.
But, no more talking about that. Let’s talk about when they get home from work. My goodness so cranky. They yell at the air slam things around as they make their crazed run through the house. I thought I was bad with that! You’ve not seen old Harry.
Well, by the sixth year of my life, I sat him down one evening after he’d returned from a place he apparently does not appear to enjoy going. I set him straight, speaking on a level of human can understand, and try my best to mimic human zoomies and screams.
Things do not go as I hoped. I end up re homing my human Harry after much despair.
I now have a calmer human after much searching. No, so many screams or zoomies from Vic and I’m petted more often and given treats at will.
It can be difficult being a cat… wouldn’t you agree?

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