D.O.T.Y. G.E.R.D.

Story meant for 1/15/22

This is something I never expected when I created it. Never once did I think this craziness would happen to me, let alone the world. But it has, and now I’ve got to stop it before it’s too late. I only hope I’m not. Otherwise, we’re all screwed, and I use this term with a grain of salt.
It all started with me being the lead science technician, created the app for next off planet exploration. Things were going fine and as planned. We’d made it to the planet we are to investigate, and everything goes according to our plan. Well, at first, it’s not until the rocket makes its landing when things go haywire beyond my control once Dotty GERD steps off the vehicle about an hour after everything reboots.
She’s supposed to repair one of our planetary modules that we previously sent. That’s not exactly how this ended up.
Nope, I had to input the wrong data stream instructions. The type of instructions I sent through give it a rather strange side effect nobody saw coming, not even me.
The Global Emergency Repair Drone developed a cognitive state. How is beyond me and the team. Even with the incorrect coding, this shouldn’t have happened, or at least so we all thought. I turn on the camera attach to the module chest and activate its extract and hover feature.
I turn on the internal microphone so I can communicate with it. Soon after our conversation realizes it’s now self-aware. I search the code as I try to continue to reason with her desperate spot where I may have input it wrong.
By hour four, she’d exhibited behavior of trying to free the rock faces on the planet’s surface. While her speech pattern degrades rapidly.
As, my team and I work through each tick in the data stream. Hours turn into days as we become increasingly uneasy as we view this curious descent.
After two months, of hours upon hours rotating each other’s shifts. Make progress just enough to return to doing what she’s sent to mars to do.
Where Dotty Gerd will remain to live her life until her matrix becomes permanently unstable, completely shutting down eventually.

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