The Skier Who Meets Three

All right, so the events of the day did not go as everyone planned. Of course, with me, it never seems to. Also, is more than likely why I’ve ended up in this bed. Can’t speak to the food being that good. Oh, you are more than likely wondering how I’m now stuck in this predicament, meaning hospital bed and cast along with various bandages on about every part of my body. Could start with the cliche line of once upon a time there was…

Oddly enough, this is actually true. It started the day we went out on the piste or ski run compacted snow hill. Well, anyway, we went to the top of it, getting ready to fly down it. Everything’s fine until I go down to it. Instead of going down straight on it, I seem to veer off toward a swath of forest trees weaving through around them, trying hard not to hit it face first.

I did eventually hit something when my skies come flying off after getting snagged on a boulder on the way through and land face first in the snow pile. This is about to get hairy now. I get up, start off northward, totally lost now. As usual have no sense… or sense of direction of where I’m going.

When I stumble towards a small house with clearly a working fire. Knock on innocently on the door, not really thinking of it. I hear strange noises on the other side, almost animal type. I can almost swear by it. After it settles down hear nothing else stand there for a while, thinking if I should open the door if it’s even unlocked.

My luck is so far fairing OK, all things considered. I head in. “Anyone here? Hello? I ask.” No sound to be heard, so head inside and sit down by the fire, carefully sitting down in a middle chair. A little snug, if you ask me.

Well, I after a while warm up enough and getting thirsty, maybe a little hungry. I see some place settings at the table along with some food and drink. So I decide why not help myself, as I take the first sip and bite of a biscuit, hear something stir from the back of the cottage. Now, confronted by three dark blobs of different sizes, race toward me.

As they come into full view, realizing I may have stepped into a rather hairy big scary… mistake. Think I should have just stayed put in the snow face first rather than experience the wrath of three hairy things of various sizes. After they summarily release me and throw me out into the snow after about I’d say is an eternity but more like ten minutes in reality. My friends find me finally, only really because I am screaming at the top of my lungs racing through the deep snow at super human speed right past them. They catch up with me, bringing me here.

Still have a few weeks before I’m completely healed. The lesson here is don’t go all show off and go down anything you’re not actually ready for and don’t go into any strange houses in the middle of the forest. You really never know the hairy situation you’ll get yourself into.

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