(1/13/21) Not So Epic a Time.

The spotlights fill the auditorium as spectators take their seats or buy food from the vendors. Two teams with flashy silver and neon blue uniforms practiced in each corner of their game plays. While colorful lasers cascades across every wall and spectator seat right down to the play table. All teams are ready for a most epic season games of our times. The doc rockets versus the serious scissors. Bring the two most powerful game players of my generation and I am on one of them.
Last game of the season, things are tense today for us. The announcer comes on speaker. “Please pick your starters and step up to the table. You have five minutes to make your pick and remember choose wisely.” The announcer taunted.
As if things aren’t tense enough for us. Anyway, as teams captain I send one of our second-best ones to the table to start. Things are going as we hope they would as we begin playing. Three rounds in now with the same player. So far so good. We know Fred’s the one that’ll always come through at the start. Which is precisely why I choose him for our first rounds.
This is where things start going not so right for us and one other team against the serious scissors. By round seven we both end up changing our game play. Send our best of the best players in earlier than we thought we’d need too. In the end it didn’t matter the creamers. Creamed us both on the last epic battle of rock, paper, scissors for a last of this season game. They got the coveted golden rock paper scissor trophy. The shine’s so bright you need sunglasses even indoors
Better luck next time, I guess. It is just rock, paper, scissors after all.

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