The Metamorphosis Mivior the Great.

Whoops forgot to title this one. Apologies! It’s now got the title

It is finally summer vacation for students in a far place called Strusia. Now is the time of great travels. Especially to an exciting land known as Dreonia where I plan to visit the great Wringcaster Castle once home to Mivior the great as it lives on a great cliff of pearls.

Taken me days to arrive in the city of Strusia but I am finally here. As I approach the vast castle, I am in awe of such beauty in the old, blackened stones. Purple tumbleweed trees blanket the landscape as far as the eyes can see. I am led inside it by one guard that had not realized they are actually expecting me. My school sent word days before my coming here. Rather thoughtful, don’t you think? Now spending days learning more and more about the great Mivoir, the greatest caster that ever lived.

But, within days of my learning this while researching for other things. The scrolls read of something unknown to all who live here and back in my village. Once lauded by all, will consider him now a disgrace once they find this out. I am not sure what to do as I go further into my studies of both. Unsure of what to spend my nights, unable to rest pacing back and forth in my chamber bedroom. Mivior is not who I thought they were. Actually, from these stories, he’s rather timid in ways. He did once get into trouble drinking from the fountain of Metamorphosis, that is once said to be cursed by ancient water dwellers with potion over the fossilized pearls. The old legend states that one who drinks from it supposed to turn into pearls themselves, while another legend states one inherits the greatest of powers. Mivior drunk from the old fountain just two days before the attack from the dragons, giving an advantage over the fliers. While he saved this land from a magnificent beast. Mivior had not done so alone as the villagers also fought by his side. Still, he is not who all claimed him to be. Just a common man, in fact, whose ability in the time of crisis surpassed even the noblest of knights. When several mighty dragons attempt to destroy everything here. No magic ever used, just sheer might people. The yesteryear texts are just mostly a fabrication for show to visiting folks from another village. Over emphasizing the bravest man in all lands.

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