The Fairy Vs. The Cranky Goddess of Pohelisle

I keep replaying the event which led to this incident in my head over and over. You’d think I could have learned a valuable lesson by now. I mean, being a pixie doesn’t mean that I’m nowhere near invincible here. Which again, you’d think I’d learned that by now. Nope! I’m now in the stickiest situation that I’ve ever been in.

Not to mention in trouble with the trio of sisters. Who guard these seas. Either goddess sister number three’s having a terrible day.

Or one of the goddesses of Pohelisle Ocean just doesn’t like fairies flying into her territory… at all.

The trio guards different depths. The eldest being at the deepest depths, while the twins guard the upper level near the surface of the water and if one twin gets cranky, they both eventually do.

On this day, not sure why they are. I take every precaution if traveling too close to the edges of the ocean water, always compensating paths I take to stay above land instead. However, my fairy senses are apparently off… away off!

I’m flying along, not really paying attention, enjoying the sunlight above my body, doing a few aerial somersaults here and there. When a blast of water hit me, out of nowhere. My wings becoming heavy, end up crashing face first on the lavender sand below me. She’s giggling like a mad fish and we play dodge the water cannonballs. Ocean salt water balls are the worst. YUCK!!

Soon as I sit up, signal the goddess for a meeting, which the trio grants the request giving me a breathing apparatus to breathe as we head down lower and lower. After several hours of pleadings. Reasonings, and outright yells.

She apologizes and explains she’s just upset about getting dumped. Agrees that I may flyover the region without permission.

Lesson learned never tick off the ocean goddess, also lesson learned every time she gets dumped avoid the region, rinse repeat. I should be fine. I hope!

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