That time I bumped into two ducks

You know, sometimes being a professional hypnotizer can have its advantages. As well as its disadvantages. Mm mostly disadvantages, especially in this case! Let me start at the beginning of that day. The place’s packed with crowds tighter than a sardine can as I take a peek through the red velvet curtain drawn to a close at the moment. Waiting for my signal to step out onto a mostly darkened stage except for the enormous light baring down on it. I quickly pull the curtain to await anxiously for my cue. Then show-time. The first two people I hypnotize go fine. I turn them into random barnyard animals through the hypnosis. Another couple. I turn them into each other’s personality. Which makes the crowd roar with laughter. It’s the last person where things don’t go so smoothly. Heading in a direction I thought would never happen. Now, the phrase you know you’re screwed, right? plays repeatedly in my mind as I try to undo the hypnosis. Only thing is, so far it’s not working. Of course, the crowd is oblivious, cackling at it all. All while this guy’s going from meowing like a cat all the way to barking like a dog. I think so far not as bad as I thought it be. As far as the change overs.

Not until fifteen minutes later when the final changeover is, you guessed it, a duck thinking it’s sunrise by the spotlight blaring down on us. I pace back and forth while my mind races on what to do. When someone sitting in the very back yells, how about a little help? He spoke. Not realizing it’s a showbiz enemy of mine invites them to the stage. By this time, the duck man is running about, pecking at me as I run around the stage. We pin the person back into the seat and I stand back as this hypnotizer works better magic that I. At least until I realized he hired the person and they planned everything until this point. To throw me out of the biz. Did it succeed? Unfortunately for them… nope. I learned a valuable lesson at that moment. Never trust two ducks in the same row because you are aiming for trouble.

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