It was a dark & Stormy Night

It is a late one, but I hope you like how I’ve taken a cliche line and twisted it. lol

It was a dark and stormy night! It always seems to be, doesn’t it on nights such as this? Had I known I was going to have guests at four o’clock in the morning, I would’ve tidied up. I mean, for people just show up like this at this hour of the night. Is certainly you know… presumptuous? Well, I just stay still and watch them as they all wander around the place as if I’m not there.

Don’t bother turning on a light since they have strange looking lanterns for whatever reason. I get a chuckle when one of them plants their rear on a nearby seat. A puff of what look like smoke came from the south to the north rather quick as he waves his hand around trying to clear it up.

Another one stands too close to a door ends up falling inside the utility closet. Just as lightning flashes fill the room. Yes, that does needs fixing. We get the lights malfunctioning on, off repeating like Morse code. Strangely enough, they don’t get it! A second go around with smoke happens suddenly when another person who’s holding a strange contraption sits down on the old sofa.

A gentleman nosing around with what he calls a camera, and it’s unlike one I’ve seen before. While I find these contraptions interesting to view from my perspective. They are, however, still quiet the annoyance along with the gent operating it. Also, don’t get me started on the aggravatingly random idiotic questions they ask of me. Which, yes, I comply with the requests… well, sort of!

Let’s just say my answers are interesting and just when things are getting fun for me. The storm had stopped. They pack up and leave by the time the sun rises. See you on the next dark and stormy night!

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