Two O’clock Stopping Here

I’m still wondering how I got into this mess and how to get back to the time I belong to. It all started when setting the blasted clock ahead an hour for daylight savings time. Here’s the icing on the cake I went not only beyond an hour, went four hundred years into the future and have no way now to get back to my timeline. All the clocks have stopped now in the year 2422, to be exact. That’s not the tip of the iceberg, actually. Not only did it go four hundred years into the future. Somehow landed on another planet! While not allowed to go into too much detail as it could alter the timeline drastically. I can say it’s a lot nicer here and not as alone as we think in the universe. I spend days trying to figure out how to get me back to my timeline with their help. Which takes well over twenty-five of our earth seasons before we finally figure out what went wrong with our clocks. Why they all stopped in unison at 2 am the night, throwing me four hundred years into the future. It turns out one comet coming through apparently got too close to an intergalactic fissure nearby that we can’t see visibly. Also, let me fill you in on a little secret here, about myself. Being a scientist has its advantages. We’re able to fix the fissure and send me back to the proper time. With all this knowledge that only a future relative can relay to you. Eventually!

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