Were’s The Night

If you are looking at this as I edit. I apologize. I keep spotting stuff. LOL

Supposed not to look at the moon that night, but I did, and I do regret that. See, it all started with one person I’d known for years, who had disappeared in recent years until now. Texting me, don’t look at the moon. I repeat, whatever you do, don’t look at the moon. While new friends I’d just made were blowing up my texts, telling me to look at how beautiful the Wolf Moon is. Text after text come rolling in. Especially from Mr. Hollows. I remember him telling me before not to look at it. Just can’t remember why. Trying my best to stay away from all windows as instructed. All this while others are saying: Look out at how beautiful the moon is. Repeatedly. I feel strange suddenly, even while abiding by Mr. Hollows’ instructions. I run to a bathroom look in the mirror. So far, nothing out of the ordinary appears. This strange feeling keeps me up for half the evening until I succumb to a weird comatose state. I’m like this for hours, as my phone kept blowing up with texts and phone calls. As I regain consciousness just before the sunrise, I’m sprawled out on the floor of the living room now. My entire body feeling ever so odd.

I browse down at my hands, realize my entire body is now covered from head to toe with hair. I’d trashed my apartment windows shattered the door off the hinges. I finally realized they were warning me that… I am a werewolf, and we all know what a werewolf does. Howl at the moon.

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