The Recurrences of Chester Crawford

After the Fortieth date in a single year, you’re probably thinking I should just throw in the towel and stop before I end up meeting some homicidal maniac. You’d be right… well, sort of. With all the dates I’ve had in the past year, they all seem familiar, or at least have that familiar feeling. I couldn’t put my finger on it right away and yes, it took forty dates or a little over. Before I realized something strange about them all, even though they all were different in appearances they all had the same name. How is this possible you ask? I honestly wasn’t sure at the time of all those date nights. The very first one’s mister Suave, thinks he’s all that and a cup of tea. Um, no! Second and the third one both douche bags in the ego department. Fourth one seems nice just wasn’t a click. Fifth, one, did I mention the possibility of getting the feeling of weirdo? Anyway, it went on like this for thirty-nine dates. Until this last date. I guess it is lucky number forty. Not quiet. This guy is the same as the first gent.

Confused yet? Cause I am! Anyhow, seems Mr. Crawford… Chester has a crush on me. Never once did he lead me to believe they even liked me with all those personalities he’d come up with. Just when I thought things can’t get any odder until a hiccup come upon ole Chester. Let’s just say the jig is up! Every time he hiccups, which is every five minutes now. He changes into each one of my old dates. After a while, he finally stops morphing and hiccuping when he finally changed into a parrot, which we both realize is permanent after a couple of hours! You are probably wondering if I dumped him. No, I didn’t.

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