Secret Agent C. A T.

Sorry to have missed yesterday’s posting. Due to sinus issues I only half completed the story. I hope you enjoy it. Meant for Yesterdays date 1/4/2022

I could convince you we have it easy, right? I mean living in mostly delightful houses with a nice yard or window and great food. Get to snooze whenever and be up all hours of the night if we want to. Um! Yeah right! Not so much actually, and this has been going on since the beginning.

Until, we had to save everyone all over the world from a great mortal threat. I escape my home, going down alleyway after alleyway until I slink down a small hole in the ground with a hidden steel pole. Scraping to the bottom till I can just let myself jump off. Streak quickly through corridor through a steel doorway.

What is it now? I said. What’s happened this time?

The same that happens before millions of years go. We have to save them again! She-rah said.

Is it the same one, though? I asked.

Yep, the exact. I do not understand how it could’ve escaped. It was deep freezed millions of years ago. Unless. You don’t think it thaws it self out escaped the world. They must’ve rejoined their people. Only to return centuries later, the question was it that crashed at Roswell in the fifties. I mean, was it him or someone else?

We need to find out for sure and find their ship if we can. Only thing is, where’d they land it?

Certainly not in an obvious place, and something must disguise it well. Why do they want anything to do with us again?

These questions race through us as we issued all red alerts for the planet. We send a message requesting contact now. In the hopes, we can stop whatever they’re planning.

They surprised us by responding quickly. We had expected a different reaction, not the one we just received.

a one word response to our message.


Apparently, while our officials held them during the short time on our planet. They could taste some of our earth food. Coffee seems is the most requested of all things. I guess after seventy -Five earth years of trying to replicate it themselves, they’ve had enough waiting.

We can avert a world catastrophe by sending a fairly large shipment of coffee with instructions. They went back to their home world and never seen again. As we returned to be regular old house or alley cats doing what is our best specialty. Annoy all you humans.

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