In The Details

You know that old expression the devil is in the details. Well, it certainly is!
It all has to start with the one person I should never, ever have messed with. It didn’t take me centuries to give it back to him. This is a first for me to admit it too.
One of those where I should have stayed home and under my blanket for all eternity type deals. But did I? Nope, I just had to go for it. I just had to give the one person a contract that is usually a non-negotiate type nonrefundable to. Needless to say, I change my mind about that.
All starts with meeting him! I thought, Okay easy peasy, sign the contract and voilà!
It’s like that at first, until he makes some weird demands to be added to the contract.
Of course, I get him to sign and comply with all requests. At first everything great I’m happy, he’s happy. Until he keeps wanting to change the terms of our agreement. Hanging the proverbial if you want to keep me or part of me, you’ll do what I say routine. At first, I play along for a while, and I mean a short while. It doesn’t take long before this guy gets on my nerves. That is usually not so easy… until now!
I thought he was bad before. I’m now thinking he’s far worse. Won’t say too much about why I feel that. But I’m more than certain you are getting the gist of it?
I will say, however, I’ve never so gleeful about ripping up a contract in my existence nor have I ever felt so happy to give back a person’s soul so fast it’ll make my head spin… again!
Lesson learned never ask for the soul of someone worse than you. You’ll actually live for an eternity to regret it!

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