Labyrinth Map of The Unknown

Editing this one took a bit longer.

It started as soon as I get lost in a labyrinth that appears like one of those old crop circles in the middle of an old grassy field. My friend, being the overly curious person they are, run into it before I can even stop her. Which upset me. I have to go in behind her, try to keep her close by me, but by the time we reach the end of the first hall of the labyrinth, she’d disappeared into thin air.

A strange visible gold dusty breeze cascade all around me and even through me. I race through the next part of the maze as a pale gold light takes over the greenery walls. At the end of another part of the maze, a pedestal sits with a map sprawl out over it. Line flows across as though it’s trying to lead me somewhere. I grab the map, scan over it and head few in the direction it leads me.

So far, nobody, nothing, turns up as I walk through it for what seems like forever now. Even though it only is a few minutes. However cannot be certain as my watch has now stopped.

The light now following me flows across the hedge of the maze faster and faster as I try to escape it now. Seeing my friend suddenly in front of me, but she’s still off in the distance. But, I know it’s her.

The maze plays games with me for the next two hours before finally relinquishing us from its grasp run out as fast as we can and I put peddle to the metal getting us out of there fast as possible, never returning to that old field ever again.

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