Goddesses Of the Cosmos

Made minor edit. I missed a place. Sigh sorry about that folks

The great chasm of the cosmos opens to reveal something we had not expected, as Mother Of Time stands at the Gates of Stones. Better known to the earthly realm as Stonehenge, that stands on ancient lands of all dimensions. Await the goddesses of Moon, Sun, and the sisters of seasons. All encompassed known as the trio of seven sisters living just on the other side of the Pleiades in the next sphere. Meeting in the dimension just barely between the light and darkness. Speak only through telepathy, so the darkness does not discover us. We must act quickly before a great mystifying chasm causes irreparable damage to all realms. We agree after a time of telepathic consultation in order to close it we must do the unthinkable and one of us must sacrifice ourselves going into the tear to close it for good. What neither of us knew at the time of decision we’d all sacrifice going into it, as the spell we must do will only work at close range, we’ve suddenly realized. It is still possible we’ll not succeed and the chasm will either not close and swallow everything whole or a vast explosion will destroy all doorways to other worlds. Either way, odds are against us as of this moment.

Take a deep breath, head back to the state of being, and head for it while clutching each other’s hands. Walk into the mouth of it stay just near the edge. Mother Of Time begins her part recites the ancient words of the universe once spoke at Stonehenge long ago.

As goddesses, Moon and Sun create the light vortex that now surrounds the hole in the cosmos. The four earths now have the last key to fulfill the ultimate piece of the spell. Creating a vast array of seasons within us at once. We sense it found us as it attempts to stop what we are doing. Fighting with futile vigor loosing quickly as the hole closes in upon us. Suddenly, a violent explosion knocks everyone away outside of it. Where it closes up with us safely back into the universe we call home, and we do not see the unseen force again.

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