Eye Of The Whisperers

The actual day I start posting more Flash will change. But I just wanted to ring in the new year with something for you all. On the first day of the new year… Enjoy.

The room is mostly dark with a little headlamp for light as I lay on the ground with my book sprawled in front of me. Though it is cold, I do this yearly like clockwork. A half froze lake yard away, ablaze with a strange light above it. I get up and approach it carefully, gazing down upon the ice appearing in the shape of an eye aqua color surrounding the oval iris in the water.

Look around me, see no one for miles in either direction. Decide to jump into it, not knowing what will happen or where I’ll end up. I float down almost to the bottom. Suddenly there’s a strange opening in front of me appears lighting the bubbles around me as I’m pulled through it into a strange somewhere fantastical.

Odd underwater creatures I can only describe as prehistoric roam through the pristine water. I am pulled up again, this time towards what looks like land. I raise up peer around me noticing I’m now inside a beautiful cave of many colorful stalagmites and stalactites covering everything in sight.

See tall necks now that are at least hundred feet above me. More fantastic creatures roaming about ahead over a grassy tree scattered landscape.

Strange noises cascade across the light wind, almost like a whisper as I’m suddenly whisked away, back down through the waters. I awaken hurriedly, feeling around me. A dream I thought? I look down, seeing my clothes I’m still in as I’d fallen asleep are now wet.

It could be a reaction to the dream?

Or could have been real?

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