(Last Story of 2021) Clown’s Initiation

When I was a kid always wanted to be in one of those traveling circuses. Growing up, my mother took me every time they were in town. The favorite part of it all for us is the clowns, hands down. Those were good times. So, as luck would have it in my adult life, an opening in that same traveling circus opened up. Apparently, as they go through each town lately, they’ve put up want ads for clowns. How wonderful I thought it be to try out being a clown. Little did I realize just what this circus entailed. What I went through that week is unlike anything I’ve heard about trying out for them. I mean, truly weird stuff! One of the oddest things asked by one clown is that I have to be not serious for an entire week. I thought sure, Okay. Um, no, not so much. They threw things at me, stuff me into a tiny car with brother McFarty the clown and his band of brothers. I’m sure you get the gist of the name? Anyway, then they subjected me to the seltzer bottle sprayers, put whoopie cushion down my pants or on a seat. Tell me really crazy laugh out jokes. The catch not even allowed to laugh at any of it. No reaction, nothing except seriousness. The owner watches from the sidelines the whole time. It’s like some secret organization or something. Which Is heck of a hard thing to get into.

Believe me! One thing I didn’t realize at the time I’m really being invited into some sort of strange clown, circus code of ethics. By, middle of the week my guts and ribs hurt so much from trying not to laugh at any of it. I actually think I’ve either ruptured something or broke a rib or two. Not to mention hardly any sleep due to one clown constantly tooting his own horn in my face every time I close my eyes. I keep reminding myself I have to make it to Sunday evening if I’m getting this job or not. That’s all I have to do to make it until then. Easier said than done now. I wonder if this isn’t a good idea anymore as the things they have me doing now are beyond extreme, even for a birthday clown. This goes on few more days when finally leaving me a note to come to a secret location. Alone. I felt paranoid by now that I should just leave while the leaving’s good. Then take my chances in another strange place. But, I decided I’ve gone through too much not to take it farther. I head to the secret location. Travel through dark tunnel with very little lights. At the end, there’s a package that says open me. Approach carefully opens the velvet strands of ribbon and the box itself, revealing a costume with another note. Congratulations! Welcome to the clown’s travel club. They have initiated you into the group!

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