Jolly Fun

My first day of a new job thought it was a cinch. Hardly anything since I’m still learning the ropes around there. Well, that is until lunchtime come and I met Jolly. Yes, I just said their name’s actually Jolly. Not Jilly, not Jelly, not Holly, not Bolly. You get the idea now. I hope!

The name is Jolly, yes that one you may think of ho, ho, ho.

The end of the week into the next is when things disappear. Usually around lunch time. I can’t figure who’s been taking my food every day. I grill each coworker, Jolly included every single day at this point during lunchtime. They all say the same thing, wasn’t me. Of course, Jolly always giggles like an idiot. Anyway, we swing this merry-go-round for a while. Even though most times who ever it is stealing my food leaves it sometimes. So must have something they don’t prefer. I decide to start only taking meals they don’t go for in the hopes leave my food alone. It works mostly!

But, not for long as it catches on to what I’m doing becomes an irritant and even take the snack doesn’t prefer. The day comes finally. I meet the little bugger and I mean little. Apparently looks like something crossed with a Santa elf and a weird science fiction alien. After about an hour’s lecture, nobody in the building had any trouble with it. It’s actually helpful now finding lost things.

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