Flame Thrower’s Middle.

We just move here from another village. New school, new day and my parents are nervous. Not sure why, always been good at making friends and I’m a terrific student. At least until, get a cold or allergies, then things get a little hairy.

Of course, just before school, I just have to have a growth spurt in my new clothes. Now tight and don’t have time to buy new, so this will be a fun day. My pants squeak as I walk, shirt rides up and my shoes feel like I got bricks on.

So, everything’s goin good by the time I get to school. All the classes so far OK, no accidents of any kind. Err, at least not yet!

It all changed just after lunch period, heading into chemistry class. Believe me when I say there was chemistry on this day at this point in the day. Gulp! Just not from love and certainly not from the lesson teacher’s lesson.

During, the school assignment I supposed to light the underneath of the experiment bottle. Well, did what the teacher, Mr. Waltzer, told us. Only wasn’t exactly what he said to do. Instead of taking the box of matches and lighting it the old-fashioned way.

I do it the… mythical dragon’s way. The room erupts in smoke after a flash happens so fast, no time really act. We all spring to the windows through the smoke. As the room clears, the pastel yellow walls now appear gray and my lab partner now has a new hairstyle that’s she is… oddly enough, not upset over. Charlie, however, who standing too close to the table, ends up losing the eyebrows, some facial fur and whiskers.

After all’s said and done. I spent the rest of the time cleaning up the room as I’m being howled at by not only Charlie but everyone else. Thankfully, after the first day and first year, every day afterwards goes on without a hitch or fire.

Not very easy being a dragon.

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