My Birthday Goose Chase

Apologies for being late by 24 hours. Yesterday go away from me hope you like two for one special in stories. Next one coming shortly…Tonight!

Ever have one of those moments when you get a strange message put on your vehicle. Naturally, I thought be a parking ticket as I approach. Picking it up realize it’s not. A really strange note that simply says, drive west for hundred miles.

This is when it all spiraled down the rabbit hole of insanity. Look both directions around me, try to find who could have left it. No one within a block of me now realizing the person’s probably long gone by now as I get into my car. Driving the hundred miles west as instructed, stop and see a box just sitting in the middle of the farmland grass. As I pick it up felt uneasy now. Who could play this sick joke on me? I thought! Another note which said: Guard This With Your Life!

By now I’m tempted to use the box as a football fling it as far away from me as I can. But, alas, do not, deciding to do once more than these weird notes ask. All while wonder am I crazy? Following instructions from totally strange notes and whoever is the person behind them? This goes on for the entire day into the next day, going for hundreds of miles with packages and notes along the way. What didn’t know until finally arrive at the final destination? It’s for my birthday party! Couldn’t believe my eyes heading inside a large building that looks like a lodge. Turns out my friends had a neighbor make all the notes as they make the packages up.

Enjoyed myself once the fiasco to get to this point’s over. Next birthday won’t be doing that again! Nor picking up strange packages. Period!

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