Package Fairy

I’m so sorry I didn’t catch the double paragraph of the same paragraph until now. It is fixed.

It’s the only morning I ever wish I hadn’t opened the closet. Well, at least until the packages appeared. Strange thing, as I ready for the day. I open the closet to view what to wear for the day. Didn’t realize, however, on this day. End up opening a hard can of worms, setting off events that are not only odd but kinda nerve wracking.
Which started the minute it come flying out of my closet. Bending over, pick up what looks like a piece of a packing tape. Now how the heck did that get there? Jump back as a voice from back within the startles me. Perspiration beading over me now as I break into a cold sweat.
Next thing I know. Knock on the door makes me jump back a foot. Falling land against the bed land on the floor. As the doorbell is now going feverishly and scream, I’m coming while scrambling to my feet.
A package on the doorstep. I wonder who or what it’s from. I certainly ordered nothing, since I didn’t enjoy ordering from anybody. Prefer the old school shopping. Anyway, I poke at the box until I’m satisfied it’s not a bomb or something live. Drag it into the living room, opening it with caution, staring inside of it for a moment. Why would I need an electric razor? I already have one that works just fine.
Then I realize the new one’s still in the other room. I bolt out to get it, resuming getting ready after I return to the bedroom to the open closet. The voice coughs and says, Hello! I’m your fairy package mother. I grant the wishes before your things break or if you just want something. But mostly before things break and don’t press your luck either, I’m not that kind of skeleton.
Skeleton? I said.
Yes, the one and only that hides all the secrets. Now, now don’t worry, I’m not exactly your skeleton in the closet, so to speak. I’m only supposed to grant wishes for things like a genie. Not to reveal crap. That’s a whole other Skelly department.
O and another package is about to land. You’re going to need it for that downpour that’s about to happen.
Just then, can hear the rain barreling against my window as the doorbell goes off again. Low and behold, it is an umbrella. Thinking for a moment. I hear the voice yell, don’t even think about it or Ebony will come and bring up the one pesky skeleton in this closet that gets you into trouble daily with the wife, mister. This goes on for hours all day long until the delivery services close for the day. At this rate I’ll have my holiday, birthday, and anniversary shopping done in three days. It’s too bad though she doesn’t accept returns. Sigh!

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