Herman’s Fling of Forever

Did a little more editing.

I never thought I’d in a thousand years I would see her anew. Trixie was in the cutest oversized hat. Flowers all over, her long sleeve dress draping so smooth. It feels like forever since we last spoke or saw each other. Freak out at thoughts of running into them all over again. Stay in my darkened room until sunset, when sun’s nearest to other side of the island resort. While still using an umbrella until moon rise.
“I need you to listen carefully.” I said to a meager trinket and fashion shop owner beg them to extend their shop time longer, promising to make it worth their while and instruct them not to accept her money for whatever they may want.
Trixie approaches a couple of hours later. I pretend to peer into the mirror as Trixie strolls through, realizing she’d walked past me. How did I not see her? Scramble to catch up to her while play it coy.
Hiya! Believe we’ve met before? Said casual as possible, leaning in close. As she turns, thinking Trix’s not aged a day at all since we first greeted one another.
Hermie? She said. With a fanged smile as Trixie grabs me to wrap her arms around my neck. I stare down at her pale arm that is the color of ivory. Choke on spit laughing nervously as she mentioned, just flew in me and the kid.
O there he is now. You whoo Herman honey come meet a friend.
My jaw drops at his name. Same as —-! Could I be?
Herman strolls up to us. Looks slightly hairier than myself. Maybe he’s not mine. Seems more on the were side.
Her squeaky voice interrupts my train of thought.
O Hermie, it’s his birthday just turn 260, today.
Yep! He’s my kid.
The rest of the visit goes alright actually enjoyable getting to know my boy. Until his dear mother presents me with papers. I was so shocked I almost turned human.
We work it out, and she now owns half in the divorce settlement and lives here. Seems I forgot we got married. 260 years ago.

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