Ficcmus Day Twelve: My Not So Fairytale Date

We’ve reached the end of the Ficcmus writing Challenge. Thank you to all who’ve read so far. But wait there’s more. While the previous two challenges are now done. I happen to have a third one up my sleeve. I will be continuing to write daily until December 31st to finish out this year. So if you’ve liked it so far. Be prepared for more. 🙂 Happy Holidays everyone. Be safe and stay well.

Story below….

That is a date I’ll never forget. One straight from Hades, or at least it felt like it. I arrive early at the cave cafe waiting at the quartz table for two, not knowing who I’m looking for. Other than some guy with a royal blue velvety cloak. Like that helps a lot. Thanks! Carrying on, as soon as he arrives, I think this guy’s already bloody cheesy. Just by how he entered the room. Picture a duke crossed with a clumsy court jester. So dinner itself is going well. At least, I thought it was. Not until the bozo displays their actual personality.

We’re just sitting here looking over the menu when I feel hot breath near my neck and pastel green wing. A knee jerk train reaction happens as my wing slaps the pale ivory face as I pull away fast staring down fangs and bad breath. I lose my balance too quickly to use my wings, landing on my rear against the cold wood floor.

Soon as I’m back up on my seat, the bread arrives and a certain someone sneezes at the smell of it! Until, I beg the waitress to take away the bread quick. Only gets worse from this point after the count stops sneezing, another reflex starts up. As a waiter at the next table. Talks about specials for the night. You guessed it all contained the one thing vampires can’t stand.

Every time they mention garlic, my dear date turns into a bat. Not one of those human game bats. I mean one of those flying types; I vant to suck your vlood type. If you need extra help to figure it out.

Anyhow count lands on a ceiling beam returning to normal..if you can call it. He falls off without warning. We’re all unable to react quick enough landing on the desert table demolishes a red velvet cake. Which flies all over my dress and wings. Just as the waiter once again mentions the word garlic. We begin the merry-go-round of is he humanoid or is he vampire.

As he reverts rather insanely from human looking to bat count. While attempts to help clean off the mess from my wings. But, I smack ’em off push count weirdo away. I turn storm off. I had enough of date from Hades.

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