Ficcmus Day Eleven:The Kid Who Wrecked Christmas. On Purpose!

Well, it was the winter of 1940 as a monster storm hit us. Giving everyone little time to prepare. The one thing that puts the sour cherry on top of it. We run out of coal for the furnace. This is the coldest night ever. Roads were closed off so we couldn’t run into town, nor could the delivery people make their last-minute rounds. Before closing down the rest of the day, getting ready for holiday festivities. 

I could hear the despair in my parents’ voices as they try making light of the situation. But they soon realize it is no use hiding it. Sulking in their seats at the breakfast table, picking at their bacon and eggs. As my mind scrambles for ideas on how to help. I bolt straight up out of my seat. I GOT IT! I yelled.

I know how to get us enough coal to keep us warm all winter.

Sweetheart, it’s all right, don’t worry, we’ll be fine. Mom said, placing a hand my cheek. Just before getting out of her chair, heading to dress for the day.

But I can help really. I know exactly what I’m going to do. 

I’ll get on Santa’s naughty list! I said proudly. 

That is a very generous offer. But, there is really nothing that you can do. Besides, Santa will be here in twenty-four hours.

I don’t think theirs enough time to get you on his naughty list now. Dad said. Just before he heads to watch television.

As I returned to my bedroom getting dressed myself, I hear their voices. I sneak over to overhear them.

Do you think he bought it? Mom said.

Yeah, I think he has. Knowing him, we’re in for the ride of our lives in unacceptable behavior. I hope! Dad said. He is our kid. You know, we’re both known to have pranked and done just as crazy when we were kids growing up in the same neighborhood.

I won’t go into too much detail on how bad I was.

Other than I wrecked dad’s golf clubs in the wood chipper, egged the neighbors’ house next door from my room and my parents wasting an entire carton. Put cream in her cold cream jar. That’s few things just for starters.

By Christmas Day, after a few haphazard days of trouble making woke up running to the tree to find all our socks overflowing with a tree full of coal. We had so much coal that year. We did not need to buy it in town or have it delivered. Also didn’t think about where we’d put it! Now, I will admit since we’re snowed in. It was hard to come up with things that I could do.

Which may or may not have bordered on extreme. But I can say with certainty that everything I did worked. They also ground me for the rest of the winter. The spring warmth will come with me cleaning up all the mess I made outside.

Well worth that punishment.

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